Tight Warm Addition

Addition IconThis sunroom/mudroom addition has a tight shell and a ventilated rain screen behind the shingle siding to keep the walls dry and warm. We reused the original divided light picture window and applied a stone veneer to the foundation to match the existing house.

The 2 inches of pink foam insulation visible on the gable wall make the building extremely tight, avoiding the “thermal break” that normally occurs from the framing extending from inside to outside. The wooden strips give the cedar shingle siding plenty of air to dry in both directions, which helps keep water out of the walls and dramatically extends the life and looks of the siding.

Dense-pack cellulose insulation provides a well-sealed, non-toxic, sound-absorbing barrier, made with recycled content.

South Portland Warm Tight Addition Well Insulated
South Portland Warm Tight Addition Window Insulation Detail
South Portland Warm Tight Addition Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation